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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work that Quirk

I'm giving the odd the nod with some of Limi Feu's pieces from her Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection. It's not easy to pull off these looks, but that doesn't make 'em any less ultra chic.

Wear if you dare.

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Who would've thought a cream tank dress could look edgy? Layer it with a flowy vest or scarf in a dark shade. The footwear works on the runway, but the outfit would look just as funky with Dr. Martens, ankle boots, oxford pumps or a more feminine pair of lace-up heels.

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I love the coat-over-the-dress look, though it's way too hot for the local weather. Keep this outfit in mind if you're going somewhere chilly for the holidays.

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Combining classic pieces like a black vest and a white button-down shirtdress doesn't necessarily add up to dainty schoolgirl chicness. Look just the opposite with a pair of tough black boots.

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Here's another case of throwing a jacket over a feminine frock. Ditch that bolero and don a cropped jacket with a frilly dress.

Long sleeves aside, this collection's silhouettes actually look really comfy. As long as you're heading somewhere air conditioned, you're definitely good to go!

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