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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Style Icon: Kristen Stewart

Move over, Alice Cullen!

Kristen Stewart may need fashion advice as Bella Swan in the Twilight movie, but this young lady no longer requires a wardrobe makeover in real life!

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Here are a few things we seem to have in common: a love for black and gray, and a love for Edward Cullen. Err. I couldn't resist! This is the last time I'm going to confuse Kristen and Bella and bring up anything related to Twilight. ;-) Going back to the clothes, Kristen does seem to dig black and gray, and this shows in her different edgy but classic duds. Above, she sports a printed t-shirt dress with black stilleto pumps.

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Kristen rocks this short number, pairing it with her black patent heels. This girl really knows how to flaunt her legs.

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This pair of shoes should be our staple, too. It works well with a lot of outfits and clearly gives even the most casual get-ups a sophisticated twist. Leave it to Kristen to make a hanging top look classy.

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There's nothing more sophisticated than an all-black outfit. Kristen combines quirk, class and comfort in this no-fuss ensemble.

Stock up on similar pieces and build a fierce wardrobe!

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Anonymous said...

i lovee that blazer she's wearing with the pointed pumps. its soo classic & sophisticated, yet a bit edgy!

La C

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. And kirsten's clothes, I love them :)

BTW. Its Kirsten Stewart :)

Therese San Diego said...

Thanks! I love her style, too!

According to interviews, news articles, and DVDs of her films, though, her name is Kristen Stewart :)

Anonymous said...

I Love Kristen's style and you help me to be like her! Thank ! And Please give me a few tips for her. Thank you in advance !

Anonymous said...

i am so in love with the jeans she wear's, they are awsome! x