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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Laptops with a Punch!

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Give your laptop that extra punch with Punchdrunk Panda's new collection of laptop sleeves! If laptops were people, they'd be drunk with giddiness, mouths watering with PdP's spanking-new designs.

I've got my eyes on these sassy sleeves:

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The Alfresco is bright and warm. Chocolate brown and tangerine has always been a sweet combination.

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Miami reminds me of sexy bikinis and flirty summer dresses. This is the perfect pick-me-upper for your blah days--feel feisty toting this around!

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Black, white and brown never go out of style. The Grunge perfectly balances its grungy print with these classic colors.

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The new sleeve design also has detachable straps that easily allow you to sling it over your shoulder or carry it as a messenger bag. How fashionably functional can you get?

Stocks are very limited as there are only two to three pieces per size for some designs. That's a plus 'cause you won't be seeing a lot of people toting a similar design! Too bad if you don't get the ones you like, though, so better place your orders ASAP.

For more of Punchdrunk Panda's new laptop sleeve designs and other information, check out PdP's site.

You know you love 'em. ;-)

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