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Friday, September 19, 2008

Take a Bow...

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...a bow tie, that is!

We've nabbed boyfriend shirts, men's trousers, neckties, vests, waiter jackets and all sorts of menswear and made them all work for us, so we might as well add the bow tie to the list.

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Model Irina Lazareanu donned one to match her tuxedo dress, but you need not wear a tux to use this snazzy accessory.

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Wear it with a crisp collared top that's long-sleeved, quarter-sleeved, sleeveless... or even a halter!

Watch this video on how to tie a bow tie and you're good to go! Then again you can also grab one that's ready-to-wear. There are lots of colors to choose from at the men's department of The Landmark at TriNoMa, but black will always be your best bet! ;-)

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