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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Style Icon: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a stylish standout among her fellow teen queens. Whether she's grocery shopping or strutting down the red carpet, this perky Disney star definitely dazzles.

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Polka dots have never looked this classy. Selena sashays down the red carpet in a gorgeous black frock that I would love to own! Balancing just the right amount of funk and sophistication, the dress has Selena written all over it.

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Selena looks sexy without showing a lot of skin. The knotted belt gives a youthful spin to her silver gray dress and matching heels.

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A casual tee becomes chic when paired with jeans that fit just right and black patent ballet flats. Oh, and notice her beautiful black locks. It looks great--wavy or straight!

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These ballet flats seem to be her casual wardrobe staple. Simple pieces like Selena's long-sleeved tee and dark skinnies look cool and classy. Stock up on the basics in these neutral colors--they'll take you a long way.

Hope with style icons like Selena, kids will dress less skimpily and more classily, without losing their youthful vibe.

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