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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Style Guy-ed

I enjoy checking out men's fashion as much as I enjoy shopping for myself. I love how most of my guy friends (straight and gay!) have fun dressing up and each have their own distinct style. Posting their photos would mean violent reactions and lots of blackmail from all of them, so I'm putting some of their style inspirations in the spotlight instead!

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Kanye's preppy cardigan over a collared shirt, jeans and sneakers definitely looks charming. It's stylish without going overboard. One thing you should just leave with Kanye and really avoid wearing yourself is that pair of shutter shades (not in the photo). It used to look cool and, well, it still does--on Kanye!

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Adam Brody has the typical boy-next-door style--comfy, laid-back but not sloppy. Throwing on a simple tee or button-down shirt-jeans-and-sneakers outfit isn't bad, as long as the shirt's not too small or too big, and the jeans aren't too tight or too loose that they're already revealing underwear! ;-P

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T.I. is lookin' good in a light gray suit. Gray, silver and white make a fresh ensemble that's easy on the eyes. It's a great alternative to the classic black suit (which still works, of course.)

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Right now I'm really digging the skinny ties the Jonas Brothers have been sporting. If you're looking for one, I found some at Topman recently.

It's fun seeing well-dressed men around. It makes us ladies feel good knowing we're not the only ones making the effort to look fabulous! ;-)

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