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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fab Filipino Flavor IV: NOYP Laptop Sleeves

NOYP (pronounced noy-pee) is one of my fave laptop sleeve brands--and it's proudly Pinoy! Owner Carlo Pamandanan says the laptop sleeves are all locally made. You've got to see the actual sleeves to truly appreciate them, though. The designs and craftsmanship are definitely world-class. Check out the new collection below and see why Pinoys should grab NOYP!

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This was the first NOYP sleeve I bought. The leopard print was already available last year, but it's too cute to phase out! I love mine so much that when I saw a pair of ballet flats that MATCHED it, I snapped them up right away!

My zebra print-loving classmate Arky would looooove these, especially the black and white version with pink lining. My pick is the khaki and black zebra print because it's really easy to match with my wardrobe!

Dress up your laptops in fun and colorful sleeve designs such as the Retrogirl and Sir Paul Stripes!

photo credit:

Here's another one of my favorites--the green python. It looks very sophisticated, and the best part is it's faux. (The real thing creeps me out!)

For more products and information on how to order, visit Your laptops will be in for cushioned comfort, protection and style with NOYP laptop sleeves!

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Princess K said...

Hi :)

I'm currently putting up a fashion blog. Can we exchange links?:)

LaCouturier said...

i seriously need one!! =)

the zebra print is my favorite! & I would love to exchange links! i've just added you!