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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fab Filipino Flavor III: Istilong Kayumanggi

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Here is another brand that'll make you want to buy local: Istilong Kayumanggi.

These spunky creations will jazz up your summer wardrobe. Dress up your basic pieces with Istilong Kayumanggi's dazzling dangling earrings and long, quirky necklaces.

You can get all the designs you want because they're very affordable. What you should be worried about is availability as some of their pieces are one-of-a-kind! Here are my picks from their current collection:

Basic tops and casual sundresses won't look so plain anymore with a pair of these dangling earrings! I love the combination of copper or gold with wooden beads.

Their beaded necklaces are stunning. You can also dress up your basic outfits with beautiful long necklaces, single or layered, but keep your ears simple with stud earrings. These will also work perfectly with tube tops or dresses to keep yourself from looking too bare.

I'm definitely buying the necklace on the upper left. Hurry--check out and place your orders on your picks before somebody beats you to it!

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