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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Business Unusual

Tired of your same old corporate outfits? Mix things up and step into the office in style with these ensembles that'll make you look forward to going to work even more!

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Trade in your blah blazer for a cropped, structured one like Duerr's waiter jacket. It's just as polished, but far from boring. Wear it over a crisp white sleeveless oxford shirt and slacks or a pencil skirt.

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For a softer, more feminine look, throw a cardigan over a ruffly top. If you're going for cocktails after work, you can just take off the sweater, let your hair down, put on a little bit more gloss and you're all set!

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Instead of the plain shirtdress, pick out one with interesting details that aren't too trendy, like the black belted shirtdress above with the quirky (but not too far out) sleeves.

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Another option that's a lot less warm than a blazer or a cardigan would be a vest. Wear it over an oxford shirt--long- or even short-sleeved, like the one above. Cropped trousers are a hot climate-friendly alternative to the regular long slacks, too. Keep your outfit looking corporate with a pair of closed shoes like pumps instead of open-toed sandals, which might make the outfit look too casual.

Adding great style to good work ethic gives you plus points in the workplace, so it sure won't hurt to dress to impress!

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