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Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 Resort Collections: Black(!) and White

Sometimes I feel like a fashion rule-breaker in the Philippines when I wear black in the summer (or any other day in our tropical weather, for that matter.) Black pieces—from clothes to shoes and bags—fill almost half of my closet. I suppose it just comes down to the fabric and the cuts.

Well, this brings me to my new finds. I was browsing through the 2008 Resort Collections of my favorite designers, and absolutely loved these:

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Leave it to Diane von Furstenberg to create dresses in black and white and black and cream prints for resort wear. The tie-neck and plain halter designs of the dresses are very chic.

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This Marc Jacobs dress looks very couture and would be perfect for cocktails and other semi-formal gatherings.

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This Ralph Lauren dress is very sleek and sophisticated, but it looks casual enough for a day at the mall or a summer trip. With its neckline and breathable fabric, a dress like this wouldn’t look or feel warm at all.

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Of course, there are black swimsuits that will always be perfect for the summer, like this Chanel maillot. Channel Posh Spice by adding black sunglasses and a black wide-rimmed floppy hat and prepare yourself for a stylish summer getaway.

Guess I really won’t be ignoring that part of my closet this season!

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