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Monday, September 3, 2007

Tees Tease

It's tee time again!

How many entries have I written about tees? You can’t blame a girl for loving these comfy wardrobe essentials. You know you love them, too!

Check out these David & Goliath t-shirts that give you an instant fashion statement. Be a big tease with these tees:

"This sucks"

Poor goldfish! The only thing that doesn't suck is the tee. Teehee.

"You rock! You rule!"

photo credit:

What else can I say? It rocks and rules!

"Chillin' with my gnomies"

photo credit:

What's up, gnomie?

"I heart the night life"

The eyes say it all.

"Miss PMS"

This can serve as a warning. How thoughtful!

"One Tough Cookie"

This, too!

Bet it'd be difficult to decide which ones to get once you're in the store. For more designs, visit their website. David & Goliath is available at Trinoma.

The CityLifeStylist


rieaane said...

I love the first pic with "This sucks" print, so cool! :)

Pinkyia said...

cool t-shirts! :D

Maan said...

Cali baby!!! Hi! Loved those shirts! I'll link you up in my site okies? -Ate Maan

BoobooStrider said...

ahhhhh trinoma pala sila... sabi meron daw kasi sa rockwell

The CityLifeStylist said...

Rieaane and Pinkyia: I know! ^_^

Ate Maan: Hi! Linked you, too ;D

BoobooStrider: I've only been to the Trinoma branch. Perhaps there's also one at Rockwell ;)