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Friday, September 21, 2007

Punchdrunk Panda-monium!

My laptop is my life, and I would never want anything bad to happen to my baby. That's why I use a special protective sleeve my aunt made for my laptop. It's getting quite worn out, though, which is why I've been on the lookout for a new sleeve that wouldn't sacrifice my style -- or budget.

I recently heard about Punchdrunk Panda, and when I checked out their site, I knew I found The Ones! That was not a typo -- I couldn't choose from the wide variety of ultrachic designs!

Here are my picks:

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I love the orange and brown combination on these giraffe print and brown polycanvas sleeve and accessory bag. It adds just enough punch to raise your laptop bodyguard's cool factor.

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Make a bold statement with rust corduroy and black. Very hot.

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This olive green corduroy and black version would go well with my school uniform. Like I always say, matching your outfit with your bag makes you look more put-together (as long as you don't go overboard!)

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You know I can't resist anything that's black and white. I love the classy-slash-funky look of the zebra print and black polycanvas. In the photo are the accessory bag with the small and medium-sized laptop sleeves.

All laptop sleeves are padded with board and 3mm of foam, and lined with nylon oxford. They're available in two sizes for very affordable prices:

  • Small (for 12" screen laptops with a diameter of 3.81 cm, width of 31 cm and length of 23 cm) - 550Php (600Php for the giraffe print)
  • Medium (for 13"-14" screen laptops with a diameter of 4.11 cm, width of 34.2 cm and length of 25.1 cm) - 600Php (650 for the giraffe print)

They all come with a free accessory bag for your charger and other laptop accessories.

For more information and photos of other cool designs, check out Punchdrunk Panda's site.

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There are limited stocks for each design, so you better place your orders on your picks right away. Get your baby strapped in now!

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