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Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Vintage

Vintage has always been fashionable, but shopping for real vintage pieces that are still wearable is not an easy task. Save yourself the trouble by channeling vintage looks with brand new duds. Here are a few oldies but goodies that can still be found in the market.

This silk fifties dress is sweet, with the bow, full skirt and cinched waist.

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Channel one of Audrey Hepburn's classic casual looks with a round-neck cardigan, capris and ballet flats. This fifties sweater will keep you warm and cozy on cool, rainy days.

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It's all about volume. Whether you opt for separates or prefer to throw on a dress, cinched waists and big skirts are the way to go.

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A classic dress like the one above can be worn even on semi-formal occasions. Add black or white round-toe pumps and a clutch and you're good to go.

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High-waisted shorts are back! Christina Aguilera made these popular in her Candyman music video. Catch these cute comebacks at Topshop.

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Here's something for the guys, too. Take the preppy route in striped knitted collared shirts. Get casual cool with khakis or jeans.

Scouring the ukay-ukay for real vintage clothes is cool, but if you don't want to risk having a fashion fiasco, you can always check out department stores and boutiques for new stuff. Power Plant Mall's Archaeology wing also has a lot of shops where you can find vintage-inspired clothes, and even accessories. That way, you wouldn't have to worry about damages!

The CityLifeStylist


InterNut said...

There's an online store of fab vintage finds at the seller honestly puts the condition of the items. check it out.

The CityLifeStylist said...

Thanks for the tip, InterNut! ^_^

resetblog said...

wow! nice style.i like it. :)

gyk said...

¤ i sooo love vintage!! wohoo!

rieaane said...

at last you're back now, nice style...i love it :)

Fashion Critic said...

I love the top picture.

Great choices here

thefgirl said...

Vintage rocks!
By the way, I tagged you.

Gean said...

Wow. I love vintage. :)

It's been ages since I went here. Seems you're busy too. Hehe.