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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Prints and Prints

I hardly buy printed clothing because they're very memorable and I easily get tired of mixing and matching them with the rest of my wardrobe.

When printed mini dresses made their way onto the runways, however, I just had to check them out. It also didn't help that a lot of stores began producing a lot of casual printed dresses with all those irresistible fabrics such as cotton jersey and silk. They looked so easy to wear. You know how much I can't resist relaxed chicness.

Here are a few of my picks from the runway collection that inspired this entry. Matthew Williamson did a great job with these printed dresses from his Spring 2007 ready-to-wear collection.

photo credit:

The style of this dress is the most common -- you'll easily find a similar one at local stores such as Bayo. You just might have a difficult time finding a similar print. What makes this dress different is the flower print and the color combination of the flowers on the black background, which makes it very dramatic. Wearing flipflops with it wouldn't work very well because it'll never be a casual dress -- it's meant to be dressed up and not dressed down.

Dressing it up doesn't mean you're going to be stuck with heels. You can wear flat bejewelled thong sandals for a more comfortable, relaxed look.

photo credit:

The print on this dress is very simple. It doesn't look busy, which is one problem that I usually have with a lot of printed dresses. It's mostly white and very easy on the eyes. I also like the loose fit. It's still sexy but it leaves a lot of room for a pig-out session with friends!

photo credit:

Gorgeous, isn't it? This is my favorite among all of the dresses in Matthew's collection. The print is very oriental; it would look even more amazing on a girl with long black hair and Asian eyes. ;-)

I like how the dress is not entirely printed and that the print is large and bold. It strikes a balance between the print and the solid color in the middle of the dress.

photo credit:

By the time I got to see these two outfits, I had already given in, provided that I follow my own fashion rules as to avoid wasting my money on another trend.

First of all, I am not going to shell out a lot on printed clothing because, as I said, they're trendy pieces (and printed, at that!) which I'll eventually get tired of wearing.

Second, I am going to plan how I can wear printed mini dresses in different ways first. See the two photos above? Take note of these:

  1. We should all make the most out of leggings while they're still around. If you don't have a pair yet, don't shell out too much on those, either, because you can get a pair for as low as 100Php at a tiangge these days. That's even cheaper than the ones at department stores.
  2. A good vest in a solid color -- especially in black -- is a great mix-and-match piece. You can wear it over a dress, a shirt, an oxford or even a tube top. It looks very funky on that printed dress. It gives it a whole new look, which is exactly the point.
  3. Keep the accessories minimal. A pair of earrings will do. The print on the dress is already very eye-catching, so piling on the bling is just going to give you a very fussy, over-the-top look.

I hope that was helpful. I also need to keep those in mind because I tend to get carried away sometimes. I know that fashion shouldn't have any rules, but I do stick to the ones I've created (or learned from others) to avoid becoming a fashion victim.

The CityLifeStylist


Angel said...

Personally, I am so over leggings. I saw too much of them last year. lol. We're the same, I rarely but prints, too. But I have got to love the striped fashion that is currently making waves ;-)

Nikki said...

I love the mini dress with an oriental print too...

I agree with the whole not splurging on trends... such a waste of money.

Q said...

People wouldn't think so, but minidresses are so sexy. Everything is covered up, except for those ever-elusive--and if you're lucky, mile-high--legs.

Women really do have it all... ;D

Santosuke said...

Hey love that you loved it! I linked you already ;)

The CityLifeStylist said...

Angel: I know how you feel about leggings, but they still come in handy when you go to a school where you can't wear anything that's more than two inches above your knees. ;)

Nikki: Isn't it gorgeous?! Saan kaya tayo makakahanap ng ganun dito? I love it!

Q: Mini dresses are very hot, indeed! ;) Check out my entry, A New Kind of Sexy ( which is all about mini dresses.

Santosuke: More updates on your blog, please! I love it, I love it. ^_^

rieaane said...

The dress in the third pic looks so nice, i love it. BTW, i like your blog, i wanna add you in my blogroll!