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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Supplies, Supplies!

I wasn't able to post anything yesterday because I had tons of things to do (well, more than usual) and I didn't want to post anything just for the sake of it. School is just around the corner and, aside from my academics, I have a lot of org responsibilites, too. I will continue updating my blog, though; if not everyday, perhaps every other day, so please do check in for updates! ;-)

Now that I have switched back from blog addict-slash-summer bum to schoolworkaholic mode, I'm getting myself extra-organized. The following supplies have helped me in doing things more efficiently. This will surely be a feast for the eyes for O.C. people like moi!

Thanks to my fellow org officers and very good amigas Faye and Lica for this wonderful idea. Each of our obsessive-compulsiveness has rubbed off on each other, making us even more O.C. than before!

This may look like just another binder to you, but wait and see. Presenting... my very own low tech mobile office:

Oh, yes. Above are pictures of what's inside the unassuming little binder. It has a clear plastic cover in front where you can insert notes. There is a pocket at the back of the cover where you can put an envelope for more loose notes, pens, paper clips and whatnot. You can have your Post-its on the pocket, as well.

You can have both notebook and clearbook refills ring-bound on the right. How convenient is that?! We had to cut through some of the punch holes of the notebook refills, though, because we couldn't find any that were compatible with our big binders.

I got most of the supplies from National Bookstore. Below is the price list:

1. Jeret Binder - 120Php
2. Kingtrade Enterprises Clear Sheet Protector (10 pieces, size A4) - 29.50Php
3. Acryl Ring Notes Loose Leaf Notebook Refills (50 leaves) - 40Php
4. Post-it Notes - about 40Php
5. Short brown envelope - c/o our Associate Dean for Student Affairs :-)

You can even make your binder more personalized. Take the cue from my friend Faye and insert photos inside the cover flap. There is so much more you can do to make it your own. Note-taking and file-classifying have never been more exciting!

I am such a geek, I know. I just might rub off the ka-O.C.-han on you, too. ;-)

The CityLifeStylist


Gean said...

I love the idea. Salamat sa tip, I guess sisipagin na ko nito. Hehe.

The CityLifeStylist said...

With that super binder, you'll get hooked on work, believe me. ;)

kapeesh said...

I was hoping for a bit more, because that's the normal binder we use here in cali. . . . If you want to organize it even more, you can add tabs to those page protectors, get a page protector that can hold business cards and keep those little forget me not notes, have a litte bag in the binder to hold pens so you're always ready etc etc etc =)