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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Style IDOL: Jordin Sparks

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America has chosen Jordin Sparks to be their sixth American Idol, but there's one more thing that Jordin should be known for aside from her singing: her fashion sense.

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Being on AI has made Jordin Sparks a household name not only in the US but all over the world. Her bubbly personality and bright smile are infectious. She has that sincere, cheerful and youthful charisma that keeps you glued to the TV screen whenever she performs. In addition to that, she always looks smashing. She knows what looks good on her and is comfortable in her own skin.

Above are two of Jordin's more casual outfits. Her jeans are not too tight and not too loose which makes them just about perfect. I love how she cinched her waist in both outfits, in the first photo with the tie-waist top and in the second with the belt.

She is also very lucky to have her bone structure, which makes her look great with curly, straight or even wavy hair.

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She can wear (and look amazing in) practically anything -- from jeans to short dresses and gowns. Above, she flaunts her curves in short and sweet strappy dresses.

The empire waist dress on the left is very easy to wear. I love empire tops and dresses because you won't have to worry about your abs (or lack thereof) and you can move freely. The one in the middle looks like it was just draped over her and it falls nicely on her curves. The jewel-toned dress also fits her just right.

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Jordin is statuesque. She looks beautiful and radiant in the gold and orange gown above, my favorite among the gowns she wore on the show. The colors complement her skin tone. Fabbity-fab-fab!

As I have said before, confidence is key. Jordin carries herself gracefully. She maintains her poise and has a lot of spunk at the same time. Youthful elegance is what I'll call it.

Jordin Sparks' great voice, magnetic personality and kickass style are the makings of a superstar. She has a big career ahead of her, and she can definitely serve as a positive role model for the youth.

I'm happy that she won!

The CityLifeStylist


cor said...

i most certainly agree! this girl really knows how the dress up like a true american idol. :) just love her style!

it's great you posted an entry about her.ü

MasonTerri said...

I so agree she always is head to toe fashion!!

the philosphical bastard said...

yup. she does dress like an idol.. and her voice is stunning. for a 17 yr old, we've gotta be in for more