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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Style Icons: Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson

I love going to sites such as and -- not for celebrity gossip or news, but for the latest paparazzi shots of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood. Some of these pictures even appear in fashion magazines like Teen Vogue. It's pretty cool to see how they capture celebs' everyday outfits, whether they're going on a night out or just grocery shopping. You can always get styling ideas from the stars!

That is why I thought about featuring some of the hottest young celebrities who have had more hits than misses in the fashion scene.

My first two style icons are the stars of The O.C.: Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. They wore gorgeous clothes in each and every episode of the now defunct TV series and it's good to know that Marissa and Summer's fashion sense is still very much alive in Mischa and Rachel.

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Mischa looks fresh in an orange Marc by Marc Jacobs top and a pair of brown shorts. Orange and brown always look nice together. The colors balance each other out; one bright and punchy, the other neutral.

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Rachel looks great even in horizontal stripes! I have mentioned in previous entries how stripes like these can make even very slim women look wider. Rachel was wise, though -- notice how the dress and the shirt fit her? They're a little bit loose but they cling on all the right places.

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Don't their boots look identical? They probably are! It's a mystery to me how those boots look great on both of them when Mischa is very tall, while Rachel is petite!

The boots may not be compatible with our climate, but Rachel's dress definitely is. If we had cooler weather, I'd love to sport Mischa's jacket, too. The top and the denim shorts are okay, but I'm not a big fan of the pockets peeking out. On her, it looks pretty edgy, but on others it might just look messy.

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These girls made the classic black-and-white combination sexy and sophisticated. Need I say more?

I'm glad I could share some of my style muses of inspiration. Drop me a line and share yours, too!

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