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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Style Icon: Isabella Sevilla

Isabella Sevilla is one heck of a fashionista.

Isa, as we fondly call her, is the Queen of Quirky Chic. Describing her style is far from easy, but in an attempt to do so, I can say that it is a mix of simplicity, spunk and eccentricity that not everybody can pull off.

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Tank tops probably occupy the most space in her closet since she seems to have tons of them. She either wears one tank top alone, or layers two of them to mix up her look. She pairs them with a pair of dark denims, whether loose or skinny. Isa is one of the few girls I know who can make loose jeans look sexy – and it’s not just because of her God-given slim frame – she has the personality that enables her to carry them well.

She completes her outfit with flipflops, sneakers or flat sandals, which never look plain on her.

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Isa is a very sweet girl who is extremely friendly. She is very easy to get along with, which is probably why she has so many friends. She always tries to make the people around her feel comfortable and manages to put smiles on everybody’s faces. There have been countless times when I witnessed Isa bring somebody’s confidence level up. She is one of the kindest, most caring people I know.

Her knack for making something simple into something absolutely fabulous can be seen in the photo above. Her blue one-shoulder top and layered beaded necklaces create the perfect boho look. The striped beanie is adorable, too! I love how she kept her bangs out instead of stuffing them inside.

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You can find individuality in Isa’s style. She also has this androgynous appeal that shows in how she can pull off different outfits, whether they’re very feminine and sweet or a bit masculine and rugged.

Above, she wears a crisp white button-down shirt and olive green trousers over her bikini. Everybody else could be wearing sundresses and she would still be the sexiest girl in the room! (And I’m not saying that just because it’s her birthday! ;>)

I am very proud to have Isa as my friend. With this entry, I bet she’ll serve as an inspiration to even more people all over the world.

Happy Birthday, Isa!

Therese a.k.a. The CityLifeStylist

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