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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Street Spotting: Ispooting!

Ispooting translates to "sporting," as in "sporting the latest fashion," in old Filipino slang. My grandparents would say, "Ispooting ka, ah! (You look sporting, ah!)" whenever they see me in fashionista mode (which is practically everyday, minus some of my uniform-clad school days.) I would say the same thing about the many fashionable Pinoys in the Philippines.

You can run into very stylish people in Manila everyday. Fashion is something Filipinos celebrate and can truly enjoy because clothes are accessible even to "the masses" because of tiangges (bazaars) and the ukay-ukay (thrift shops) that sell brand new and secondhand clothes, respectively, (from classic to trendy pieces, at that!) for very low prices.

It would be great to be able to take pictures of our local fashionistas -- both men and women -- and showcase their diverse individual styles. I don't know if I'll ever have the guts to go up to people and ask if I can take their picture, though. For now, I'm just going to count on and hope for more updates from one of my fave blogs to date: Manila Style.

Snapshots from Manila Style

photo credit:

Casual Cool. These three (above) take the white t-shirt to a whole new level. The trusty tee-and-jeans combination sure doesn't look plain on them. Can't you just feel the personality coming through? It might be the hair, it might be the accessories, or it just might be because they know they look good in anything. Confidence is key!

photo credit:

He's No Nerd. Model Robby Mananquil looks far from nerdy in this outfit. I'm loving the phrase quirky chic now, and I'd like to describe his style as that. Oh, and can I just add that it's utterly rad?

photo credit:

Making a Statement. Otto proudly sports his Proud Race shirt. I'd love to have my very own statement tee. Somebody think of a catchy phrase with "CityLifeStylist" in it! Ooh. I want to put handcuffs on my jeans, too. He has just made it to my list of style icons.

I believe that the person behind Manila Style is Cecile Zamora, who is also the blogger behind Chuvaness. More importantly, Ms. Zamora is a fashion designer and one of the ladies behind Store for all Seasons. (She opened the boutique in October 2004 with fellow designer Mich Dulce. Source:

I'm tempted to post more photos, but I don't want to look like a Manila Style blog extension! For more pics, check out


The CityLifeStylist


Anonymous said...

I usually see people sporting their stuff on "high maintenance" places like Greenbelt, Rockwell, Libis, etc.

"Making a statement" part is what I really usually see, same with the "more than just casual" look.

"The CityLifeStylist: Show Me The Lifestyle"

As for me, "Bitterness is next to loneliness." Nyehehehe.

Cliff said...

you go girl! hehehe...