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Monday, May 21, 2007

Get Happy Feet

You are going to be dancing like Mumble from Happy Feet after you've tried this quick and easy treat for your feet. (Well, you might. Hehe.)

We all love our flipflops, and I know many of us have been living in them WAY before the beginning of the summer season. Unless you've been spending a lot of time with your feet in the sand, you might not have done a lot of exfoliating lately.

Lucky for you, I am going to share my little home spa tricks that would guarantee you some squeaky-clean, happy feet in no time.

I have tried different foot scrubs, but St. Ives Moisturizing Hand and Foot Scrub is still my favorite because it exfoliates without irritating your skin. It is a gentle scrub, but it's also strong enough to get rid of rough spots and slough off dead skin cells. It'll make your skin soft and smooth with its moisturizing formula, as well.

The other less expensive products that I've tested didn't exfoliate my skin completely and had more moisturizing elements, while others were too harsh on my skin. The St. Ives scrub was just right. Apply the scrub to wet skin in a firm, circular motion.

Even though the St. Ives scrub already exfoliates and moisturizes my skin at the same time, I still like washing them with Johnson's Baby Milk Bath after using the scrub. It makes my feet feel softer and smoother and smell even better!

Both products are available at select Mercury Drug and Watson's branches, as well as some supermarkets (Rustan's, Cherry Foodarama) and department stores (SM, Robinsons Galleria).

Nice, clean feet are always attractive for all genders and ages, so make sure you keep yours neat all the time!

The CityLifeStylist