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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fashion TV

I already featured The O.C. stars Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson in a previous entry. Here, I am going to share my favorites from the different fabulous wardrobes of other TV celebrities from some of the most popular shows on the tube.

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The cast members of One Tree Hill are some of the biggest stars on the small screen. Sometimes, however, I feel as if watching a single episode can already give me a drama overdose. It's a good thing that the cast has a pretty cool wardrobe that distracts me from all the heavy emotions from time to time.

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The on-and-off friendship thing may have become quite tiring, but among the Tree Hill ladies, the wardrobes I like best are those of Brooke (played by Sophia Bush) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton).

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I always look forward to seeing Peyton's jackets. She sports leather and denim jackets as well as cotton hoodies over funky shirts or basic tops and jeans. These outfits would normally give a "tough chick" vibe, but on Peyton, it looks different because of her slender frame and classic features. You can catch her in a dress occasionally, too, and she always looks nice. I still love her casual look, though.

I like her better with curly hair, too. She shouldn't have straightened it.

With a budding career in fashion design on the show, Brooke is, without a doubt, a great dresser. Her outfits, however, can be a bit too revealing sometimes. It's always best to leave something to the imagination.

In the photos above, however, the necklines on the dress and the tops may show a little cleavage, but the way she carries the outfits make them look far from indecent. They're feminine and sweet with just the right amount of sexiness to be va va voom.

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Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is another cool chick. What truly inspired this entry was seeing Veronica's eyeshadow in an episode (Season 3, Episode #7: Of Vice and Men). Bronze eyeshadow looked great on her lids, giving her a more intense look.

In the pictures above, however, you will find what I think is her best makeup look -- glowing and natural with a little bit of red lipstick and gloss.

Veronica looks stunning in anything -- from a rugged look with a tee, jeans, leather jacket and belt to a red ruffled polka-dot dress. She gives off the same vibe in every outfit, though. Perhaps it's because of her character's very strong personality on the show. Veronica Mars is like Nancy Drew, all grown up -- braver, tougher and a lot more fashionable.

With those wardrobes, they sure are lucky stars!

The CityLifeStylist


cor said...

i just can't help but notice, they use these television series to promote the latest fashion. however, these actors still stand our with their own personal sense of style.

my top one best dressed is mishca barton, just love the way she carries herself too.ü

The CityLifeStylist said...

I agree. That's why it's really cool to see well-dressed stars on TV looking stylish offscreen, as well. ^_^

Nikki said...

I love how Sophia Bush dresses as well both on and off screen... I also adore Peyton's wardrobe in OTH... her prom dress was pretty! Oh wait they attended two proms... both were great anyway