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Friday, May 4, 2007

The CityLifeStylist for Kikay Exchange

Yipee! I am now officially a Kikay Exchange contributor!

Here is my very first post for KE:

Get SOAKed

Summer vacation in the Philippines may be from April to early June, but fun in the sun just might get cut short because of the weather. So, before La Niña hits the country, we better get our bikini-clad booties to the beach already!

For those of you who haven’t gone swimsuit shopping yet – or for those who want to go shopping again – check out the “beach couture” at Soak Swimwear.

Soak has a variety of bikinis and sheer cover-ups worthy of a goddess. Their 2007 bikini collection includes bandeaus, halters and triangles.

photo credit:

I love Soak’s bikini tops, especially their bandeaus with a twist – literally. Above is their “magenta and aqua twisted bandeau with tie side straps bottom,” available in sizes small, medium and large at 1,200Php.

Read the rest of my post on Soak Swimwear here.

The CityLifeStylist

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jillsabs said...

we're also thrilled to have you on board :)