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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surf 'n Shop

Manila girls, here's a little treat for you.

I am going to show some link love by featuring great links to online stores in the Philippines that have really good stuff. (Sorry to those who are based outside Manila because I don't know if they accept orders from other parts of the country. You can visit their sites and ask.)

Personally, I don't like buying clothes online because you can never be sure about the fit and the quality until you get hold of an item. There is one site, though -- Pink Belter -- that has a stall at the Greenhills Shopping Center where you can try on the stuff you see on their site. The other stores have great bags and accessories that wouldn't be risky to buy online.

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1. Pink Belter:

Some of Pink Belter's great, inexpensive products are bikinis and short shorts. You can even have your swimsuit made-to-order! Aside from Greenhills, Pink Belter also has a store at the Boutique Square, located at the Lower Ground Floor Gold Crest of Glorietta 2. For more information, click on the link!

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2. Fashion Fruit:

Fashion Fruit's cute little pendants look good enough to eat! You can use the piso-sized accessories as pendants, or charms for your chain bracelet. They can make perfect gifts for friends, too.

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3. Urbain:

Among Urbain's boho-inspired bags, I love this fan bag (pictured above). This would look perfect with a sundress or even just a plain top and jeans! Find more styles here.

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4. Kikay Exchange:

In a previous post, I featured bag organizers from Kikay Exchange and they are still on sale! In addition to that, I also found this pretty multi-layered necklace that would look perfect on sun-kissed skin. Use it on the beach, or to dress up a plain tee!

Check out their online shop for more goodies.

Happy surfing and shopping, ladies!

The CityLifeStylist


jillsabs said...


the necklace is from

you can check out their site :)

The CityLifeStylist said...

Thanks, jillsabs! ^_^

alyssa said...

have you bought anything from pinkbelter? do their items fit well on you? (just fishing for customer reviews before actually ordering it online) thanks! :-)

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