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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Should You Be in "ReHAV"?

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I came across the term "going on reHav" from Chel of Kikay Exchange a couple of days ago, thus the inspiration for this entry. It made me laugh and wonder, what makes people go crazy over Havaianas? Here is the lowdown on the Philippines' (and probably even the world's) favorite flipflop brand.

The creation of Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas) in 1962 was inspired by the Zori, a Japanese sandal (shown in the picture on the right. Photo credit: Its designers named the flipflops Havaianas (which is Portuguese for Hawaiians) because they were fascinated by Hawaii's laid-back island culture.

One of the factors said to make these flipflops highly addictive is the manufacturer's 42-year old secret rubber formula that guarantees its durability, flexibility and softness.

Of course I can't tell you exactly what that secret formula is, but I guess that is why everybody loves them so much. Oh, and did you know that even if you twist and bend your Havaianas, they will always return to their normal shape? In addition to that, it is said that Havaianas never smell. Hmm... Never? Well, at least that's what my mom read on a certain website. I thought that it might just be one of her excuses to buy more pairs, but then I got intrigued and actually CHECKED. I practically live in my Havaianas and surprisingly, none of them smell bad! Hahaha.

Since Havaianas was launched in the Philippines 2003, it has also transformed how, where and when Filipinos wear flipflops. They are no longer just tsinelas to be worn at home or at the beach -- they can be worn practically anywhere nowadays. You can go malling in jeans, a t-shirt and flipflops or clubbing in a dress or a mini and flipflops. Heck, if I were to have my dream beach wedding, I'd wear a white cotton jersey gown with white embellished Havaianas. Ooh la la.

This entry just might give Havaianas addicts more excuses to buy another pair! True, flipflops are more versatile now, but too much of a good thing is still bad for you. Perhaps you should take a look at what you already have and see if the colors and styles already go with your wardrobe. If not, let me give you (and those who plan to jump into the Havaianas bandwagon) some tips on shopping for your "Havies":

  • It's smart to buy flipflops in neutral colors so that you wouldn't have a hard time mixing and matching them with your outfits.

  • Your best bets are black, brown, white and metallics such as bronze, silver and gold.

Let me share with you my personal collection that I'm already quite satisfied with (stress on "quite" -- I don't want to eat my words later on. Haha!) I have metallic black, bronze, silver, copper, two gold pairs (1 Top, 1 Slim) and two white pairs (1 Top, 1 Slim.) Having eight pairs, in my opinion, doesn't make me a junkie. At least they go with almost my entire wardrobe, so I believe that they're pretty good buys. Plus, I don't think it's so terrible since I also share my collection with my 10-year-old sister. (Yes, we have the same size!) Excuses, excuses... Tsk tsk tsk. ;-)

In my opinion, having the basic colors (plus, say, a few more pairs of your favorite colors) doesn't qualify you for being a junkie just yet. The bottom line is, just don't go overboard.

If you want to know more about Havaianas, check out Havaianas Philippines or the International Havaianas website.


(These may not be all of the store branches; I'm listing only the ones that I know of.)

All Flip Flops - Glorietta 3, SM Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center

Chocolate Clothing Co. - SM North Edsa The Block, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, Eastwood City Walk 2

Rustan's - Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, Gateway Mall

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