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Thursday, April 19, 2007

On Wearing Men's Clothing

After jeans went skinny and shorts became shorter, here comes a trend that introduces a new kind of sexy for bottoms.

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Gap introduces the Boyfriend Trousers made for women. I know other local brands available in the Philippines that haven't stopped producing ladies' trousers, so you can easily find a pair if you like this classy trend. These loose pants are actually very sexy, worn with the right tops.

Here are a few tips on how to wear trousers (and still look like a woman.)

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Keep it casual by pairing it with flip-flops and a slim-fitting basic top, such as a stretch tee, spaghetti strap top or a tank top (shown above).

Bring it up a notch with a bright-colored ruffled halter top and metallic ankle-strap thong sandals. This look is still casual, but it can take you from a day at the mall to a night-out.

The black cargo pants may not be trousers but they're also loose pants, and they can work for nights out, too. It would look hot with a red tube top and red ankle-strap thongs.

Who says cargo pants can't look feminine? For a look that's girly, sporty and funky, pair cargo pants with a pink ruched top and platform wedges.

Check out department stores (SM, Robinsons, Rustan's) and brands such as Giordano for trousers and cargo pants.

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Anonymous said...

Mahilig ako sa cargo pants. Marami kasi akong "tinatago" e. Pero bibihira lang talaga akong makakita ng mga babaeng magaling magdala sa pants. O siguro kinakailangan ko na lang talagang lumabas sa kabundukan.

Alternati said...

Those loose pants are real sexy! I would love a pair... well, probably I need to lose a couple of LBs first, they only look great on skinny people. I just love the ease and looseness of the while and khaki looks you showed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a good idea. That look would be great for men.

Hey, since you women seem to be making all our clothes your own, I don't think it should be a problem when we take your skirts, dresses, and/or heels.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a great look for men.

Hey, since you women seem to be feminizing all our male clothing, I think it's only fitting that we take your dress, skirt, and/or heels.

Nancy Flinstone said...

Wow that was really great post... loved it... I am a fashion bug.. but usually stitch my cloths by my own and i had my first apparel stitched by me when i was of 12 i loved Mermaid Costume.

Well i loved reading your post.

Therese San Diego said...

Glad you loved the post, guys! Thank you ! ^_^