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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Olé, Olay!

I have never been more excited to write about a skin care product since most of the time --as some of you probably found out from my previous posts -- I am lazy with the whole skin care regimen thing. (Just so you know, Olay didn't pay me to write this.) ;-)

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Everybody should definitely try Olay. The commercials with celebrities' testimonials were true, after all! Well, for me, at least.

I didn't really notice the effects when I had oilier skin, so I stopped using it for a while. Recently, though, my skin became very dry in parts and the skin renewal (in other words: peeling) wouldn't stop. I couldn't wear powder even after putting on my Clean and Clear moisturizer because it just made the peeling more obvious.

I decided to try using Olay Total Effects again. When I woke up, my skin was nice and silky. After washing my face with my ever-reliable L'Oreal Pure Zone Exfoliating Gel Wash, I noticed that I finally got rid of the peeling. Wow.

I continued to use Olay and I realized that it's best for dry skin, even for women under 20! My mom, who's proudly turning 45 in June but is still looking like she's in her thirties (yihee) says that it makes her "normal" (neither oily nor dry) skin glow, as stated in the product's commercials.

I hope I don't sound preachy, but Olay really is amazing on my skin. It's definitely worth a try, ladies. Just remember to consult your dermatologist first, especially if you have sensitive skin, to avoid any problems.

I hope it'll work for others, as well!

The CityLifeStylist


P. G. said...

Just wanted to say Great Blog. Keep up the good work!

Horisly's Spaces said...

o, many girl use Olay. Good bless to you!

gracenotesnyc said...

Hi! I randomly found your post on Olay and I totally agree with your opinion - Olay is great for all types of skin AND it's even better because it's not as expensive as the stuff you'd buy in department stores. Keep up the great posts!

The CityLifeStylist said...

Thank you! =)