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Monday, April 16, 2007

The O.C. on Getting Even MORE Organized

I am one of those incredibly obsessive compulsive people who like to see all of their things neat and organized. I've had stacks of clear books that I used to compile all of my exams, quizzes and handouts per semester. I've used clear plastic two-pocket makeup kits -- one as my kikay kit and another as my "pencil case" (which contains a lot more than just pencils, I tell ya -- more like the whole school/office supplies section of National Bookstore!) I have even used toolboxes -- those with lots of compartments -- to sort out my accessories.

The only things that I couldn't seem to keep organized are my BAGS! I carry a lot of stuff with me all the time, (being the ultimate O.C.,) and these make my bag look more like a (very kikay) trash can. LOL. Recently, I read about bag organizers. Whoever invented this is such a complete genius! (He/she is most likely a neat freak, as well!)

Check out my first bag organizer from SM Department Store which I got for only 129.75Php (about US$2.70)!

It's made of nylon and has a lot of compartments, including a special pocket for your cellphone, a keychain and a purse attached to it for your loose change. Its handles allows you to transfer it from one bag to another very easily. Available in black and hot pink.

The bag organizer from SM, however, is too big for my clutches and smaller purses. I also need a bigger one that I can put in my school bags. I found the missing two at Kikay Exchange, which I plan to purchase online as soon as I get a G-Cash account! They are just as affordable, with the small version selling at 130Php (about US$2.70) and the bigger one at 150Php (about US$3.00).

Small Bag Organizers

Big Bag Organizer (black bag not included)

photo credit:

I first found out about bag organizers from my fellow blogger Val! She got her bag organizers at Greenhills. They are sold as a set of two (one big and one small) for only 250Php (about US$5.20). But take it from Val and use your charm; haggle to get them for a lower price! Thanks for the tip, Val! :-)

Check out Val's photos of the bag organizers from Greenhills here.

This is definitely a bag must-have. Put it on your shopping list, ladies. This new innovation will make our lives a lot easier. ;-)

Stay organized!

The CityLifeStylist

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