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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Get Brown

With everybody else getting their skin tan this summer, why not take a different route by wearing shades of brown?

No, I'm not going to teach you how to create multi-shaded tan lines -- then again, that gives me an idea, but maybe I'll save it for another entry. In this entry, I'm going to show you how brown works for the summer -- starting off with men's fashion.

You read that right! I'm going to start including men's fashion from time to time, since I've already been receiving comments from guys online, as well as constructive criticism from my male friends. (Thanks, dudes!)

First of all, this goes for everybody: brown cannot work for the summer if you're wearing dark brown from head to toe. Mix it up with white, beige and other shades of brown. You can also add splashes of color if you don't want to keep it neutral. Here are some ideas:

photo credit:

These linen shirts are best worn with khakis but would both look good with jeans, as well. The brown military-inspired shirt has great details that would definitely catch a guy's attention when shopping for clothes. Its dirt-disguising color keeps you from looking, well, dirty! It's safe from ketchup and toyo stains, which is a plus, right? From a woman's point of view, I think those tabs that keep the sleeves rolled up would make your arms look more muscular than they really are.

Riskier guys can try the white version, (preferably one with shorter sleeves than that shown in the picture above, given the warm climate in the Philippines.) If the shirt's material is very thin, the vest will make a nice Indiana Jones touch. (I'm not kidding; just make sure you can carry the outfit.)

photo credit:

Darker khakis can also make you more comfortable because they won't look dirty easily. Oh, and speaking of bottoms: I know some guys are also concerned about their butts -- just a tip: having back pockets will give you a little boost on your behind!

photo credit:

For accessories, a woven leather belt not only keeps your pants from falling down, it also adds an easy, cool vibe to an outfit. The same goes for the leather bracelets, but you can do without them. Sunglasses, on the other hand, should be on your list of must-haves. The lightly-tinted brown pair above is hot. The light tint permits you to wear them both outdoors and indoors, as opposed to dark shades that would make you look like a celebrity wannabe when worn, say, inside a mall.

photo credit:

These classic dark brown leather sandals are very simple, but they are guaranteed to finish off your outfit very nicely. You can also wear them with tailored shorts or loose linen pants. Just don't forget to keep those feet and toenails squeaky clean -- now that's hot.

photo credit:

If you're going to need a bag, a leather messenger bag is both stylish and roomy enough for your essentials. I'm not the expert at what men have in their bags; all I can say is that this messenger bag is cooler than a big, bulky backpack.

Combine these pieces together and you will get a great look for those who like to go rugged and stay comfortable without sacrificing style.


I believe women can experiment more with clothes, which is why I added more colorful pieces for the ladies. I prefer to pair brown with pink, turquoise, white and orange, because they manage to "pop" out of the outfit without overpowering the shades of brown. Here are some examples:

photo credits: and

I love the combination of blue and tan and how the color of the top matches the color of the bottom part of the skirt. Ballet or strappy flats, heels or even espadrilles can work with this outfit.

photo credits: and

The brown mesh top over the white tank top paired with white cuffed shorts spells s-e-x-y! It's sexy without showing too much skin. There are different kinds of footwear that you can wear with this, too, but strappy flats or heels would keep that sexy vibe going. If you want to make it more funky, wedges or ballet flats are the way to go.

photo credit:

An orange-and-khaki combination is brighter than orange-and-chocolate-brown. It's cooler on the eyes, which is perfect for the summer.

photo credits: (tank tops) and (shorts)

I couldn't decide which combination to include because you can mix and match them and they would all look smashing just the same.

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

Don't limit yourself to brown shoes only! Wear bronze or gold with your brown outfits for a more glam look.

Have fun mixing, matching and trying new things, amigos and amigas! Ciao for now.

The CityLifeStylist


Gean said...

Hi. :) I love your site. Link po kita, ok lang? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas, meyn. ;)

chase said...

I like the brown military look. I always like a military look but I usually opt those military green colours but I love to try that brown one

liz said...

this is really helpful. this is my first time on your site, and i must say, i'm impressed! i like dressing up, and one of the colors that look well on me is brown. thanks for the suggestions. will carry them out. ^_^

The CityLifeStylist said...

Thank you! ^_^

Gean: Of course! I'll return the favor. ^_^