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Monday, April 9, 2007

Fab Filipino Flavor II: Team Manila Graphic Designed Lifestyle

Filipino Pride is what Team Manila Graphic Designed Lifestyle is all about.

These shirts are WAY more fashionable than the "I Heart NY" shirts that Pinoys buy from a trip to New York. Team Manila offers shirts, bags and even posters that bear different icons and slogans that capture the essence of being Filipino.

As stated in Team Manila's Myspace Page:

"Through their urban-street-culture-reflecting designs, a message of nationalism and identity preservation comes across; the prophets of which range from the everyday balot vendors to the national heroes themselves. TM reminds us of how much our past has survived, or died, through the experience of living in this place called Manila. Even more, their designs allow us to realize that instead of trees, our Philippine eagles might one day have to perch on traffic light posts. Through their messages, we are compelled to wonder whether we are really just like our favorite dessert, Halo-Halo – a mixture, as it literally means, of all the foreign tastes in our system? Or, in the urge to support our local laborers, we are taught to appreciate our artists as well. The manunulats, musikeros, mananayaws and pintors are all in the same jeepney as our tuberos, barberos, kutseros and draybers. An offering of social activism through fashion is presented. We are walking indications that we are owning up to the good and bad sides of our race. The statement made here is, 'All it takes is perspective. We have everything we need. As Filipino artists, we can utilize our resources.' In Team Manila, we find a replacement, an alternative, a voice of empowerment, an underground scene, a social issue, a private joke – or, really, just a way back home. "

Very well said. Let's see if that doesn't make you squirm in your "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" t-shirt.

Graphic Designed Tote Bags

I absolutely love how these funky tote bags scream Pinoy Pride. This summer, take them to the beach or a shopping spree at the mall or even bargain-hunting at Divisoria. I'm definitely getting myself one (or two or three or more!) on my back-to-school shopping spree. They're a steal at 100-150Php each.

Graphic Designed T-shirts

Above are pictures of two of their older designs, showing how their women's and men's shirts fit. Among their March 2007 t-shirt designs are Pilipinas Kalye Couture, Harana, Familia Numero Uno, Soul Manila and Electronica Manila (pictured below.)

Women's shirts are priced from 300-420Php, while Men's shirts are from 350-450Php. Sizes range from XS to L for women and S to XXXL for men, (though XXXL shirts have limited stocks only.)

Check out their shop at the 2nd level of the Independent Lifestyle Section at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell or shop with G-cash online at

What more Filipino Flavor can you ask for?

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val said...

i was so happy when team manila launched their "wearable" designs as i have already been a fan of their brand of graphic design a long time ago :)

The CityLifeStylist said...

Wow, a true Team Manilena! I just discovered the brand recently and I became an instant fan, too. Thanks for the comment, Val. ^_^