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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Boyfriend Makeover

By this I don't mean dressing like your boyfriend...

...nor dressing your boyfriend like a woman (or, in this case, a woman with bad taste!)

Let's talk about fashion for men for a change.

Whether they're gay, straight or straight metrosexual men, it's always nice to see men who know how to dress. I like seeing males' individual styles, but sadly, I hardly see this in Manila. It seems that there is a certain uniform style for men here. Usually, it's just the t-shirt-jeans-and-sneakers-or-slippers combo, which is a classic that has become very blah, especially when it's all you ever see on them everyday.

I know that men's fashion is pretty limited, since they can't experiment with a lot of clothing, bags and shoes like women. That doesn't mean, however, that they can just stick with their tees and maong forever!

Here are a few ideas to bring your boyfriend/boy bud/brother/cousin/uncle/dad's style up a notch.

1. Taking It One Step at a Time

Introducing clothes other than his trusty cotton t-shirt might come as a shock to his system, so maybe you should try these soft, comfortable casual alternatives that won't take him away from his comfort zone.

Pairing a knitted or linen hoodie over his everyday uniform would add a little spunk to his usual outfit, (provided that he won't be spending time out in the summer heat.) This is great for a movie date, bar-hopping with the boys or hanging out at Time Zone.

photo credit:

2. A Crisp Alternative

Ditching the t-shirt for a dinner date shows a little more effort from a guy, in my opinion. No, I'm not talking about guys going shirtless -- more like wearing an oxford shirt. (Although the former isn't so bad, either. LOL.) An oxford can either be a casual or dress shirt, depending on the color and fabric. Below is a striped oxford shirt that can be worn with jeans or khakis and white sneakers for a casual look. Some guys can pull this off with leather sandals or loafers, too, but it really depends on the guy's style.

A short-sleeved oxford can also be worn alone, or underneath a t-shirt (as shown in the picture below.) This is funkier than the previous outfit. Take this to the mall, a more casual date, a night out or a concert.

photo credit:

3. Looking Sharp

Guys should really take the cue from Usher and Justin Timberlake and work it in a suit over a shirt paired with sneakers. I've got two words for you: casual cool. If a guy can pull off this outfit, he must be H-O-T!

photo credit:

Ooh la la. If more guys dressed like this, I might be going out on more dates. LOL. Keep in mind, though, that there are a lot of fellas who don't want to have girls bothering them about their style. Perhaps you can just drop hints and leave your laptop open on this page. Your guy just might ask you to go shopping with him!

It's worth a try. ;-)

The CityLifeStylist


Anonymous said...

Sadya akong ipinanganak na may kasimplehan lang sa pagsusuot ng mga damit. Ang naging usual na costume ko e 'yung polo t-shirt, pants, at rubber shoes. Baduy, 'noh? If I'd like something for a change, gusto ko 'yung tipong "rugged" ang dating. Wala. Kunyari importanteng sabihin 'yan.

The CityLifeStylist said...

Is that a request? Hehe. Sino naman ang nagsabing baduy ang polo, pants and sneakers/rubber shoes? (See #2: A Crisp Alternative.) In my opinion, that's not tacky at all (hey, I featured it!) Rugged works, too, by the way. I just didn't feature it, but I might! Hehe. To all the guys who read my blog: Check in daily because I just might feature more fashion/grooming/styling tips for men. Leave more comments so I'd know if it's really in demand. ;) Salamat, Jake!

Anonymous said...

Depende sa horoscope ko kung ano ang trip kong isuot. Pero siyempre biro lang 'yun. Sa palagay ko, kinakailangan ko lang talagang baguhin ang fashion statement ko. At sa iba pang mga balita, idinagdag ko pala itong blog mo sa links ng blog ko. See back panel for nutritional information.

The CityLifeStylist said...

Hahaha! Thanks, man! I'll return the favor ^_^