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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why You Should NOT Always Get "The Look for Less"

When I was younger, I used to browse through fashion magazines and buy cheaper alternatives to the designer outfits found in their pages. As early as 13, I became an expert at getting "the look for less."

The big difference between my shopping habits then and now is that now, I don't just buy the inexpensive alternatives - I also invest in the real thing.

I loved department stores and bazaars (or tiangges, as they are called in the Philippines) and I still do. But now, I also take time to evaluate where to get which item. For example, if I want to get my hands on a bubble skirt, I would go straight to SM or Robinsons Department Store. Why? Because a bubble skirt is a trendy piece which will most likely be out of fashion in a few months. I can get it at about 500 pesos (a little over US$10) or less instead of shelling out over a thousand pesos at Topshop.

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Now, what if I want to buy a collared shirt? This time, I'd go to Lacoste for their signature pique shirts. They may be pricey with ladies' shirts starting at 3,250 pesos (about US$67) but they are timeless pieces of good quality that can even last you a lifetime with proper care.

Come back soon and make sure to check out my next entry featuring some of the classic pieces you should have in your closet for more ideas on the items you should really be investing in.

Until then, ta-ta!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This looks like a blog that I'd be visiting each time I find some net time.

domestika said...

That's an excellent way to approach any kind of shopping - good advice, and good examples!